As part of our specialisation on the Linux world, we've come to appreciate that while there are a number of standards in place for the IT industry at large, that they do not always scale up and down to fit the needs of every client.

As such, one of our strongest assets is that we are able to guide our clients through every part of a project; from initial specifications, forward to visualisation, feedback, small scale testing, implementation, and finally, a Go Live date and extended support.

We believe that for every issue exists a tool purpose built to satisfy that need. And where these tools are not perfect, we can hone and and refine them. This can range from custom scripts for a single machine, to fully embedded solutions with custom built hardware or bespoke, fully supported systems.

We also offer web-app implementation, integrated with cutting edge web technologies such as MySQL, Perl, and PHP, and web design services ranging from smaller promotional pages, up to full intranet roll-outs.