Services really define who we are, and who we cater to. With a specialisation in Linux systems, we can provide full administrative services to our clients; this can range from single machine "care and feeding" to cluster administration on a country and world-wide basis; we are limited only by the physical extent of your network. We enjoy challenges and are able to send staff overseas for more demanding work.

Our other Linux services include desktop rollout, migration to Linux based work-flows for individual users up to and including full office and workgroup infrastructure.

In addition to Linux systems, we also provide the full spectrum of Windows based solutions; Exchange, AD, MS-SQL, ASP.NET and of course, the ubiquitous 2000/XP based desktop support.

Also available is Mac OS X based desktop support, with emphases on end user roll out, image solutions, and networking, with Mac OS X Server support.

Of course, all services may be combined to more accurately suit the task at hand.